Friday, September 4, 2009

Opening up an Intel iMac 17"

I just replaced the hard drive on a 17" Intel iMac. (Last one before the grey and black models). It's amazing how unfriendly it is to disassemble compared to the iMac G5. If this is your first time disassembling stuff, don't start with this model iMac. :-) If doing stuff like this is normal for you then don't be scared of it, just be careful.

What isn't clear from the pictures and movies I saw on the internet is how to release the casing around the iSight camera. One video I saw said "shake it and it'll come loose". Ummm... NO.

Here's the picture you need to see.

The two top clips are actually spring loaded hooks. Lift the thick part of the metal and they unhook.


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