Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

As you can plainly see, tech content here has been pretty few and far between lately.

It's somewhat amusing (or tragic, or both) that I've somehow ended up the admin of a completely MS based domain - PCs, servers, applications and all.

I could bitch and whine and moan and complain (and sometimes I still do, but quietly :-), but I decided I'd be healthier and happier if I took it as a challenge to best rather than a cross to bear. And hey, I got a raise to go along with it, so it's not all bad.

Also on the bright side, what system admin doesn't love playing with new and shiny stuff, and the chance to replace literally everything but the monitors and printers? So hey, I'm trying to be positive, and I do have to admit, not all this MS stuff is terrible. Group policy is kinda cool even - just don't get me started on DFSR :-(

No, I'm not killing the blog - I'm just, um, refocusing :-) I still intend on having tech stuff here, I'm just very busy at the moment. In the mean time I'm throwing up some posts that are more personal memos than information for the world at large about my new found passion - karate. Feel free to blow right by the next couple of posts if that doesn't interest you - or drop me an email to whine if you prefer - I just don't promise to listen :-)

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