Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Competion - Part One

Windows Home Server - no need to rewrite that - looks comprehensive enough.

What to steal?

The ideas I've already mentioned.

Network monitoring ala Nagios seems like overkill - I only care if my PC is on when I'm in front of it - and then I can look at the pretty lights :-)

Printer Sharing - yep - I've got a couple of inkjets I could share out that way

A bunch of server items that I planned on using that aren't really end user features - like RAID, headless operation etc - all come free with Linux and don't deserve a bullet point here.

Aha - media sharing via Windows Media Connect. Might be useful if we ever get an Xbox. Won't work on the Wii though. See Media Tomb

From earlier research the only solution for the Wii seems to be Jinzora

Nothing else grabs me as 'gotta have it'

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