Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ebox - the default web based GUI for Ubuntu Server

The obvious starting point for an Ubuntu home server has got to be eBox.

Both the Hardy server guide and the community pages have (essentially identical) entries on eBox, and it's packages are in the universe repositories for easy installation.

Furthermore, since Webmin has been pretty much depreciated for bad behaviour eBox is really the only game in town at the moment.

One thing I'm unclear on is just how separate eBox and Ubuntu server are. The suggested spec for Hardy seems to say that eBox does go it's own way, and once you start using it you're stuck with it.

As a result, I'm left wondering if the download from the eBox website gives me subtly different results than using the eBox packages in Universe.

Luckily, this is all about open source development - so I can just go ask the guys doing the job where they are at! I'm off to post a note to Soren (his name is on the blueprint) on the ubuntu-server list and we'll find out for sure.

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