Monday, August 25, 2008

Snafu Number One

OK, so to test the hardware I grab my hot off the cd burner copy of the eBox installer and walk over to the system. That's weird - I could have sworn I left it on sitting at the BIOS settings screen.

Turn it on, see Warning - the previous system shutdown due to a thermal event!

Doesn't sound good. A thermal event? I guess you're saying it overheated? I don't image they come with ice monitors.... Maybe it's just another example of poor translation, but sometimes I really wonder why engineers try so hard to sound like English professors being paid by the word.

I turned it back on and booted up from the cd. It looks exactly like the Ubuntu server cd - eBox isn't mentioned anywhere. I started checking the cd for defects. After a couple of minutes it turns off :-(

Same warning when I power it back on.

I don't get it though! There's only two fans and they are both turning, and all the dust bunnies where kicked outside.

I pull out the air deflector around the CPU (where it vents out the back) and I note that the heat sink is clean and fastened down ok - but moves on the cpu.

On old machines like this normally the heat sink grease has welded the two together, but on this one the bond has been broken. I don't know when that happened, but it seems like the culprit. I'll have to dig up my heat sink grease and try again tomorrow.

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