Friday, August 8, 2008

A Fallback Position

Started looking at Clark Connect.

I've got to say - it looks feature complete.

It's been around since 2000 so I doubt it's going away anytime soon.

The forums are very active, so it's obviously well used.

I'll probably give it a try if I can't find anything else - before I start from scratch.

Why the reluctance then? Well, I can't put my finger on it, but it just seems so darned commercial. I mean the 'Community' page is 50% a request to put up banner ads for Clark It's like the 'find the free version' game that Grisoft plays with AVG on their website. (With Grisoft that's free like no cost incidentally - I won't promote them further with a link).

Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I found the Wikipedia article more straightford and informational than the company site. Do you know I can't find the fact it's based on Red Hat anywhere on the Clark Connect site? They talk about the 30 day trial but not about the 'free forever' version anywhere. It's Wikipedia that confirmed for me the community version is no charge.

So, other than it's based on Red Hat rather than Debian/Ubuntu it certainly seems to fit most of my needs, but it's not making me excited about it. Not logical maybe, but not my choice for right now.

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