Thursday, August 7, 2008

Satega - Ubuntu Home Server Redux ?

Checked out Satega

I wonder why they picked the name Satega? To me it's the name of the Ronin's homeworld.
And yes, I know they are spelled different. It's just the only thing that comes to mind.

They've got a cool logo. And they seem to have at least a couple of real devs with a Launchpad site and some code written. But it still seems like it's in the discussion stage. Unfortunately I don't grok git well enough to poke around and see the amount of code they are writing. Maybe they're farther along than I think they are. At any rate, I'm not waiting. Looking at their comments they're still thinking bigger scale than I need, and they're inventing new stuff I'd rather let somebody else get the bugs out of.

A simple interface to the server stuff isn't what I want. It could use tinkertoy controls with video help for every step and my significant other still wouldn't use it or care. That's my job - she just wants the results.

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