Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Step One - Survey The Field - Do We Need To Do Anything?

I think it's the Python tradition to 'shamelessly steal what ever is useful'

(Yes, I feel like throwing around unattributed quotes lately. Ya want proof they're real? Go find it :-P )

So why not buy something? Oh - that's rule one, and rule four. That throws out a lot of stuff like Windows Home Server, that probably don't do what I want anyway. Worth a look to see what it does to steal ideas from though.

We said we liked Ubuntu, so is there an Ubuntu home server already?

Well, sort of. Ubuntu Home Server has a website, and a wiki, and forums, and lots of ideas, but at first glance to me it looks a bunch of unorganized stuff that was started twice and still hasn't put out anything I can actually use. Ooops - looks like it's dead again...

Note to self - keep it small and easy. It's obviously easy to fire around blog entries and hard to deliver when you've got big ideas and no programmers. Hmmm, sounds like me....

Off to find other possibilities and report what I think about them as I go.

Think I'll time these short blog posts to come out daily or something to make it look good for the aggregators or whatever rather than posting seven things today and nothing for a couple of weeks.

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